Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 2 Report

Today, Logan was very excited and proud to show me TWO "badges" (what
he calls them), which he received today for good behavior.

Mom, I got TWO of them!! I was so good!

I don't know if I've mentioned before, but Logan is attending a dual
language immersion program (Spanish and English).

So, I asked him if he learned any Spanish today. His response?

"All they make us do is work, work, work, instead of teaching us about Spanish."


For his Kinder assessment last week, there were a couple of Loganisms
that my mom thought I should blog about. ;-)

First, the teacher asked Logan to write his name.

Logan says, "My first name? Or my last name?"

The teacher says "Oh! You can write your last name?"

No. Just my first name.

Ok, write your first name then. Do you know your last name?

Connally Shipman.


My name is Logan Connally Shipman.

(I swear I did not plant that one! LOL)

Then, toward the end of the assessment, the teacher asked Logan,
"Hablas espanol?"

He answered, "Tres."

As you can imagine, I had a hard time stifling my laughs during some
of the test. ;-)

Sadly, we've already dealt with some major disappointment after only
two days. When I picked him up from school yesterday, he didn't have
his lunchbox. Come to find out, he lost it. So, this morning I looked
high and low in the various lunch baskets since his teacher said there
were some left overnight. But no, his brand new fancy Angry Birds
lunchbox was nowhere to be found. :(

Logan was actually really upset about it which made for a rougher drop
off this morning. Thankfully, he was in a good mood when I picked him
up tonight (but still no lunchbox!).

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