Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Robert!

Logan's friend Robert turns one today - and my oh my how time flies!! I still remember the days when Jenn and I were big and pregnant and tackling yoga classes together, getting ready for these crazy little boys to ruin come into our lives. ;-)

Jenn and Jarrod put on a great birthday party for Robert yesterday and invited all of their family and friends to the festivities. I was "backup photographer" of the day (Nathan was prime), so I have SEVERAL pics uploaded for folks to enjoy. Many of Logan, of course, and of the Man of the Hour Robert. As well as shots from most of the folks who attended the party.

The Birthday Boy enjoys a cupcake with green ("rainforest") frosting! Yikes!

The Happy Parents and Hosts. Thanks for a great party guys!! Congrats - you done good.

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Jennifer said...

Such an incredible looking couple! And that kid! What a looker!! :)