Thursday, August 28, 2008

All choked up

I've noticed since I was pregnant, I've become increasingly emotional during various events. I've always been a pretty emotional person anyway, but boy when those crazy pregnancy hormones kicked in, I found myself weeping at bubble gum commercials for God's sake! And, while I wasn't too interested in babies beforehand, I suddenly had this enormous love and affection for the little one growing inside of me, who I had yet to meet.

So it was no surprise, that once Logan was born, that emotional bond I felt with him increased ten-fold. Suddenly, any little event would trigger a surge of love, pride, affection and happiness.

And, I would get choked up.

Any new development of our little man. A smile, a laugh, sitting up, wearing a brace, then not wearing a brace, rolling over, jumping, kicking, finding his voice, finding his hands, finding his tongue, finding his feet, finding his penis, watching the dogs play, pulling my hair, reaching out to me, laughing uncontrollably as he swiftly crawled to the dogs' water bowl to splash in, pulling up and trying to walk or contemplating how to get back down.

You name it, I get choked up.

But, it's not just those "little" things that Logan does, that gets me choked up.

Seeing a hip-hop popper from Texas break down in tears of joy when he got picked to compete in Vegas, and eventually move his way through to the finals - and actually WIN "So You Think You Can Dance" - was touching, endearing and just made you want to give the kid a big hug. Sappy, I know. Yet I couldn't help but get choked up.

Watching Phelps ROAR when his teammate swam the fastest split in history; I guess you could say my motherly instinct kicked in. I swelled with pride. For Phelps, for Lezak, for the United States of America. For all boys, young and old, who work hard to make their dreams come true. Yes, I got choked up.

And, listening to Michelle talk the other night, both lovingly and respectfully of her parents, her children and of course, her husband. That entire family is nothing but hope and inspiration. And, I got choked up.

Logan and I, together, watched Barack's acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight. I realize he doesn't even have the faintest idea how we were witnessing some of the most powerful history in the making. Still, I looked down at my son, gave him a quick little hug, and told him that man speaking on the screen that he was watching so quietly and intently; that man was going to be the next President of the United States for the next eight years.

The first eight years of Logan's life.

And he was going to make a difference.

And, I got choked up.


Luke Shipman said...

We did the same thing with Luke during Obama's speech! I'm starting to think Luke's first word is either going to be Barack or Obama as he keeps going babababa.
Anyways, just wanted to say I hear ya on the emotions. I was never one to actually show my tears until I became a mother. Now my hormones are all over the place, any time I share a story of Luke I tend to get watery in the eyes. Mostly from total excitment but sometimes from pure joy. It is so AMAZING!

SuZ said...

Boy, am I right there with you!! Ever since I had my daughter I am way more emotional... it's like becoming a mother tuned me into things and I see everything totally different now. :)