Saturday, August 23, 2008


Today we tried out a Gymboree class - and since the class was in the afternoon, Logan was a lot more active and willing to explore (especially when we put a colored "whiffle" ball out for him to grab). We had him try pretty much every cool ramp or ladder or ball or slide that we could find, and he seemed to be game for anything, until the end when the singing lady's songs finally got to him and he decided it was time for a nap (I think all three of us were ready for a nap!)

I'm still undecided if we should sign Logan up for a series of classes just yet. And, will probably observe the next/older class that Jenn's going to next week to help make my decision (since that is the class we'd probably enroll him in anyway).

Afterwards, we had lunch at my parents and while hanging out Logan decided Gymboree wasn't quite enough activity for the day, and proceeded to climb up THREE stairs!! All. On. His. Own. Making it look like a breeze and something he's been doing forever.

I guess it's time to get a baby gate for the stairs now. :)

Editor's Note: Apparently my previous post was a little misleading. We don't have to pay the full $20k for my injections, THANK GOD. Insurance is still covering the bulk of it. But, we do have a higher set of deductibles we owe, because the surgery center is out of network. :(

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Jennifer said...

I was wondering how Gymboree went. We will have to discuss more. I am also glad you clarified on the out of pocket cost for the injects. ;) I almost fell over when I read the post.