Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't try this at home

We three stayed home sick yesterday. Jon and I are both still queasy but doing better and I figured no use infecting anyone else with the awful wave from hell. Today, however, we had to work. I dropped Logan off, giving the school instructions to call Jon today if anything went wrong, since I was going to be in an all day meeting that I couldn't get out of. mwahahahahahaha

No more than 15 min. after I dropped him off, they called Jon. Logan's running a fever (100.3) - you'll need to pick him up and take him home.

So, Jon got to babysit Logan all day today and boy was he RACING to leave the house for his D&D nerd night the minute I walked in the front door. Complaining about Logan "being super bitchy" (seriously, his words, not mine) and wanting to be held all day long. You mean, he's acting like he's sick?


So, I picked up smiley little Logan and we hung out and played and had a grand ol' time tonight while Daddy took off to decompress.

And, just when I was thinking, what the hell is everyone talking about, Logan doesn't seem bitchy or fussy or sick - he starts to cough, and then choke. I pick him up, give him a couple whacks on the back and he gives me this in return.

You can see a couple of Jon's books got splashed as well. Good times.

So then I changed him and finished cleaning up the floor, and what does the little stinker go and do? He discovers this coooool water dish that is so fun to splash in Mommy, see?

Check out how big and full the water container is folks. It holds 5 gallons. Five gallons. That is a LOT of water to have fun playing in....

And, because apparently no one noticed the fish baby post (I figured I'd get at least a couple comments. C'mon people.) I guess I'll show you his other favorite face - we call this one FISH LIPS.


Jennifer said...

Oh man! Good times indeed! I love the different faces Logan makes!

Mom101 said...

Suddenly I don't feel so weird for almost publishing photos of my daughter's poop on my blog.

Hope everyone's better soon. And thanks so much for stopping by my place recently.