Monday, August 4, 2008

Separation Anxiety?

I'm pretty proud of the fact that Logan is turning into such a little socialite at such a young age. He has no problem hanging out with any, and every, one and doesn't seem to mind strangers holding him, even if Mom or Dad are out of line of sight.

In fact, I was telling my co-worker Andrea at lunch today what wonderful luck we've had so far, and how we haven't experienced or seen any signs at all of the separation anxiety that usually hits kids around this time. I think it's partly because we started taking Logan to preschool at such an early age. I think it also has something to do with us freely passing him around since he was born, to any sucker friend that will hold him and give us a break for 10 minutes, but that's another story.

Sure, there's the occasional whine, accompanied by the arms that reach out only half-ass at me when I leave. But, c'mon. I know a pathetic whine when I hear one and that's usually it. And then he stops about 30 seconds later because the flower toy that blinks lights and sings songs to him is sooooo much cooler than Mommy ever was.

Mommy who?

So of course, today Murphy's Law decides to prove me wrong (I should have knocked on wood earlier today - damn you fate!).

When I arrived to pick Logan up this afternoon, he was all play and not interested in looking up at Mommy. Not even to say hi. Typical.

So, I got down on my hands and knees so he'd know I was there, gave him a quick kiss and said "Hey kiddo!"

He looked up at me, eyes locked on mine and you could see the wheels turning as the realization hit him that it was time to go home. MOMMY'S HERE. And he gave me that 1000-watt smile that beams straight to my heart.

So, I patted him on the head, said "lemme go get your bottles and bag and we'll be off." And got up to go grab his stuff.

Apparently when I said "lemme go get your bottles and bag and we'll be off", he interpreted it as "Ha! I'm leaving you and never ever coming back you horrible wretched little kid! Who's going to love you now? Huh? Who??"

Because he immediately started crying. Mind you, I'm about 5 ft away and in plain view. But apparently that wasn't good enough. And, when I walked a little farther away, to his cubby (where his bag and bottles were, but still 100% visible from where he sat) he suddenly let out the loudest ear piercing embarrassing SHRIEK a mother has ever heard. Right in front of the New Dad too.

Well. That's new.

It's okay kiddo. I'm right here.

More shrieking.

Seriously? Do you really think you're going to be left alone? I'm right here.

Louder shrieking.

It's okay buddy. I'm. right. here.

And then he was saved from the horrible terrible evil thoughts that were coursing through that little head of his. And immediately he was bouncing and happy and smiley and burying his face into my chest as all those unspeakables vanished into thin air.


I really hope Logan was just having a crappy day and separation anxiety hasn't set in. In fact, that's what I'm going to think. Because, if I believe it was just a crappy day and nothing else...

Then, it was nothing else.


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