Saturday, August 30, 2008

Learning the art of anticipation

There is a "popper" toy at Logan's school which essentially scares little kids in anticipation (think a baby version of Jack-in-the-Box). Logan has learned exactly when the toy is nearly done, making the most hilarious faces ever in anticipation of the final POP.

I borrowed the toy from his school so we could play with it over the weekend, and so I could capture a few of his expressions for everyone to see. Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

That is hilarious how he anticipates the "pop"! Just like when we were in swimming and the boys would hear "BIG BREATH"!!

heather said...

too funny. any idea who makes it? i'd love to get one for emma :)

Mama Bree said...

it's made by Little Tikes, but I can't seem to find it online or on their website anymore :(