Monday, August 18, 2008

Uncle Skawt, The Flying Machine

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Scott, came to visit us early one morning in the middle of the week (almost two weeks ago - I'm behind on my pics!). We usually get these odd hour visits from him since he's a pilot and is only briefly in town between trips, but we still keep in touch after all these years (he was the dorky new kid who moved into our middle school mid-year, much shorter than me and I loved to tease him about it. But I never ever hurt him or made him bleed. Boy wouldn't that be a good story to tell Logan. hmmmmm.).

But I digress.

This was his first time meeting Mr. Logan - very excited to hold him and show off his "kid" hat. There's a story behind the hat too (always with the stories, aren't you Scott?). Apparently he wears this bright yellow thing whenever he visits with ANY kid because they love it so much. So now Logan is going to know his Uncle Skawt as that weirdo with the neon yellow cap. *sigh*

Anyway, just wanted to share a couple pics from our visit. Too short as usual, but we had a great time catching up nonetheless. Scott is very much a kid at heart - so I had to include this last pic even though it's blurry. Does it make you feel any better knowing this freak flies you around the country?

It will be a momentous day when Scott becomes a Dad himself.

Any day now, right Skawt? ;-)

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