Sunday, August 3, 2008


August is the time for laying blankets out on the grass, cutting up lots of fresh fruit, breaking out the bags of chips and munchies, and hanging out in the sun (or in today's case, shade under a big tree).

There was no questioning who's diaper bag this one was (Hi Kim!). I loved the capture so much, I had to showcase it here on the blog. Not one, not two, but THREE bottles of sunblock. :-P

We got together this afternoon with a bunch of our friends, who all have babies close to Logan's age, for a little "family play date" (I suppose?) at the Vasona Lake Park. Logan was pretty content to just SUCK on pretzel sticks all day long and watch the action all around him. About the only time I could get him to crawl was when he was ready for another pretzel stick. I'm beginning to think our little guy is into carbs. Seriously.

As always, great company and all sorts of yummy food to munch on as the kiddos got to play with one another. And yes, we definitely had our hands full with all seven kids.


*drum roll please*

Jamie (5 yrs) is one spunky little gal who cannot be contained. By far the eldest, she will be the model that all the little ones look up to. She will do what it takes to gain attention and approval from all, sometimes with a bit of a dramatic flair. She is the entertainer of the crowd, usually a silly little goose, yet is as lovable as they come (using her Aunties' laps as reclining chairs).

Robert (just shy of 1 yr!) is an active go-get-'em crowd pleaser. Loyal to his friends and an avid trendsetter (esp. for Mr. Logan who looks up to the only older boy of the crowd) in fashion, toys, new foods, activities, you name it. In your camera face, loves attention, can't be still and will be famous. Ambitious, stubborn, proud and honest.

Addison (11.5 mths) is kind-hearted and generous and will be a great listener. She loves to nurture and share (although sometimes NOT her chocolate chip cookies). She is caring, creative and shy but a natural helper around the house, and later to the world.

Molly (9.5 mths) is a lover, not a fighter. She is charming, easy-going and loves to please. When she's missing Mommy and Daddy's affection, she tends to be grumpy, having a rare off day (luckily, Mommy and Daddy have plenty of love to give). Balanced, constant, agreeable and polite. And definitely loves her raspberries.

Emily (9 mths): Calm as she may seem, there's a lot going on beneath the surface. Her need for a strong emotional connection (Mommy can never be too far out of sight) drives her intense, creative and magnetic personality. Loves to win and wise beyond her years, she will be a devoted leader.

Logan (7.5 mths) is a born adventurer and free spirit. Tons of fun, he is also impatient and gets into loads of trouble when bored (curiosity killed the cat?). Naturally athletic, which helps burn that excess energy. Loves to travel, particularly head dives off the couch. Optimistic, independent, honest, outgoing and happy.

and last but not least,

Jessie (3.5 mths), our little lamb. She's impulsive yet friendly. Adventurous, always pushing ahead of the pack and loves to rock the boat. She tells it like she sees it, never holding a grudge. Daring, competitive, self-reliant and outgoing. A promising lawyer or doctor, who knows. Bottom line, she's one tough cookie you don't want to mess with.

It's days like today where I really hate going back to work on Monday..... *sigh*

Hope everyone had a great summer weekend!

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Jennifer said...

Bree, I love your post! I want to copy and past it right into my blog!! ;) Awesome pics! We will have to gather everyone again soon... well, besides this coming weekend. ;)