Sunday, June 7, 2009

A weekend of new toys

It's been awhile since I've posted a video - so long that, the last few clips I had on the camera, which I had grand plans of putting together, were from when Logan had first started walking, some 5 or so months ago! Yikes.

So, I finally finished that little long-forgotten project. And, though 5 months late, I'm sure most of you will still enjoy it since Logan is just so damn cute. :)

This weekend we spent some serious cashola and bought a few toys for the house - a new TV for our bedroom, a new Blu-Ray disc player, and (so Logan wouldn't feel left out, of course) a new Bean Bag Toss game to hone his mad throwing/tossing skillz. ;-)

We took a bike ride this evening just after dinner and Logan was so wiped out from the weekend with Zafu and Zabuton (he spent last night at my parent's while Jon and I met with our friends for an adults-only night of dinner, hilarious movie and games afterward to celebrate Kim's recent birthday) that he actually fell asleep toward the end of the ride!

But, the minute we got home, he woke up, caught a second wind and decided to run around playing with his new tossing game. Here's a few clips I put together of him playing just before bedtime. Enjoy!


Kim said...

Molly just said, "Bye-bye!" back to Logan at the end of the last video. She was *very* interested in both of them. Too cute!

heather said...

hahaha, that was so cute! Emma watched it with me (twice) and she's now very upset that I've turned it off. I guess we'll watch it a few more times :)

Mama Bree said...

wow cool! glad your girls enjoyed the videos so much!! :) I should have known - even Logan was very interested in the work I was doing on them last night, just before heading off to bed! (he got confused when he heard my voice on the computer but then turned around and looked at me like, did you just say that or did this computer say it?) :)