Friday, June 5, 2009

Another growth spurt?

For the last week or so, Logan's had a tough time sleeping through the night again. This has been really hard on us, as we have been working late hours ourselves and not getting to bed early enough, nor getting enough sleep through the night.

At first I thought he might be teething - which I think could still be the case, since I'm seeing some swollen whites underneath his canine areas. But, after the last few days of 4am bottle feedings and then another 1-2 FULL bottles a couple hours later when he wakes up for the day, I have to think our little guy is just hungry! And, as much as we try to get a full meal in him at dinner time, it seems like he's still hungry as he downs those bottles like nothin'.

So, now I'm thinking our kid's just growing like a weed. With all the eating he's doing, and the restless sleep, AND the short-short pants I noticed this morning that totally fit him fine like 2 days ago, I'm going to put my bet on another growth spurt. We have his 18 month checkup next Friday (seriously, it's already been a year and a half?!?), so I guess we'll see then how much he has really grown by then! :)

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