Monday, June 1, 2009

Build. Craft. Hack. Play. Make.

Although not quite as hectic, we had another full week last week and by Friday we really needed some time off. At the last minute, we asked my parents to babysit Logan for the night so that Jon and I could have some R&R time by ourselves. Thankfully, they said absolutely! :)

Unfortunately, Jon didn't get home until 8:30pm that night, but we didn't let that stop us from going out anyway! We had a late dinner at Willow Street Pizza, where we tried guessing how old the teeny-bopper girls at the tables near us were (and how they drove themselves there? since there wasn't a parent in sight), and then went on to the movies to see Up, another amazing performance by Pixar (arguably the greatest of all Pixar movies) that EVERYONE should go see! We didn't get to see it in 3-D, which is what I want to do next. It was THAT good.

On Saturday, we three had plans to spend the day at the Maker Faire (a large DIY festival). However, Jon's work got in the way so he had to miss out, but Logan and I still made it (albeit a little late in the day). We had a lot of fun - it was our first time ever, even though my cousin is the Managing Editor of Make and helps coordinate the entire Maker Faire every year! But, we will be back for sure. Most of the shows and activities were too old for Logan to really appreciate - yet he was still fascinated with everything and wanted to look at and touch it all. Mama was just as overwhelmed (possibly more so than Logan) at all the amazing creativity under one "roof". It was super nerdy cool.

Sunday, Logan and I met with several other friends at the Monterey Bay Aquarium to celebrate Nathan's belated birthday (two months ago), but also really just to have another excuse to get out of the house and get the kids together. :) Jon couldn't make it because he was up in the city getting shading done on his recent back tattoo, a multi-month project of his (to be chronicled later).

It was a lot of fun and was a much more interesting and interactive setting for Logan this time around, than last. Since he now knows what fishes are (and calls pretty much anything he sees in water a "fish"), he was fascinated by the giant bluefin tuna and hammerhead sharks in the Outer Bay exhibit and didn't want to leave the playful Sea Otters area.

Although Mama was enthralled by the beautiful special Seahorse exhibit, he couldn't be bothered (way too small, slow moving and "boring" for him) and instead sat backwards playing with the buckles on his stroller as we walked through the entire section (it was also the end of the day and he was beat).

Look Logan! Another seahorse! A dragon seahorse! TWO seahorses! OOooooh TINY seahorses!

Not even a nod or glance in their general direction, he was too focused on getting his buckles snapped (and then unsnapped by me to snap together again). *sigh*

Of course, the most fun of all was the Splash Zone, where he was allowed to run around freely with his buddies (in dizzying circles), race down the slides and get as wet as Mama would let him. :)

All in all, a fun-filled whirlwind busy weekend!(Click on any of the pics for more)

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