Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1.5 years old

Wow - today marks Logan's 1.5 birthday! I can't believe he's already 18 months old. He's continuing to babble and throw in semi-recognizable words in between. Some of the new words he's picked up over the last month are: "fish", "cracker", "buh-bye", "boy", "girl", "shoes", "there", "cookie", "belly", "eye", "nose", "more", "night night", and "mine".

Last month he started pointing to his crib when he wanted to go to bed. Now he's actually saying "night night" as well. He's also starting to vocalize some of his previous signed-only words, the main one being "more". It's cool because he hasn't dropped his signing, he just says "more" at the same time that he signs it. :)

He's gotten very good at identifying CARS!

and BALLS! (would ya look at that milk belly?!?)

and saying BUH-BYE to pretty much anything that's moving away from him. He also likes to remind you where his (and your) belly, eyes, ears and of course, we all know this one well, nose are.

Oh, and let's not forget his favorite red furry friend, Elmo. It's not a new word but it's definitely his favorite (or, at least, ties with car and ball for most used). In fact, just this morning, when he woke up, he greeted me with a sleepy smile and, not a "Good mornin' Mama!" or a "Hi Daddy!" No no no.

Instead, his first word of the day had to be, in a very sweet and innocent voice, "Melmo?" (and when I proceeded to change his diaper first, before obeying his command and flipping on the TV, he started screaming "Melmo! Melmo! Melmo!"

The "Melmo" demands aren't too bad. However, the MINE! are a totally different story. Because, you know, everything is MINE! (I'm sooo glad his school taught him how to say mine.)

The food you're eating is MINE! The toy he's playing with is MINE! The toy you're playing with is MINE! The toy that another kid is looking at is MINE! The chair you're sitting in is MINE!

Jon and I have seriously looked him square in the eyes and said, Look kid, you better just forget this MINE! shit. Everything in this house is Mommy and Daddy's. Ain't nothin' yours yet.

But alas, you know how that discussion goes.

Lots of grins and more MINE MINE MINE!

At least he's not biting?

He has started to count (or at least mimic counting), likes to wear our shoes and clomp around in them, is known to sit quietly for 4 minutes flipping through his books, and LOVES to bend over, butt straight in the air, trying to turn a somersault (he can't quite do it by himself, but absolutely loves it when you help him and can't get enough).

But what makes me swell with pride most of all, is sharing with you how our love has picked up the habit of saying "tank u" for everything. Whether he's saying thank you for something you've given him, or thank you for something he's giving you, he's got it down pat. It's the most precious, adorable habit in the world and almost makes up for the nasty MINE! phase that we can't wait to move past.

I said almost.

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Jennifer said...

Happy 18 months Logan! These kids are growing up too fast!!!