Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Yesterday we quarantined ourselves all day due to a nasty fever Logan had caught, out of the blue (I actually noticed it late Friday night). He was hitting temps around 102 and just NOT feeling like himself. And, for about 20 of those 24 hours, he insisted on being held and rocked; nothing else would do.

It was exhausting, particularly in the middle of the night when Jon and I were zombies and Logan would fall asleep, or near asleep, and ask to be laid down in his crib. We'd thankfully oblige and then 10 minutes later he'd wake up screaming again, wanting to be held and rocked for another 45 minutes. It was a VERY long night for us all.

In any case, he woke up today as if none of that had ever happened (of course). We decided to hit our favorite breakfast joint, only to discover the wait was WAY TOO LONG. So, we went to our next favorite place, which also happens to be down the street from the Hickson's, who joined us for some wonderful company. After brunch, and some playtime back at their house, we headed home so Jon could make his way up to the city (for a gaming conference he's been wanting to attend) and I could put Logan down for his nap.

When Logan woke up from his nap, I decided the two of us would take a fun bike ride to a nearby children's store that I'd been wanting to visit for awhile but have never gotten around to it. Lakeshore Learning focuses on educational materials - and there's not much more I can say but that it was awesome. The only thing that stopped me from buying EVERYTHING was that we had biked to the store and I couldn't necessarily bring it all back home. ;-) So I limited myself to a few arts and crafts items, as well as the obligatory balls and cars that I never can leave a store without these days. Logan was in 7th Heaven and frankly, so was I.

Once we got home (it was a nice bike ride too! about 4 miles round trip), I whipped out some paper and finger paint, stripped the kid, and plunked us both down on the kitchen floor. We had fun making a mess; even Izzy got a little coloring done (he laid down right smack in the middle of our artwork, what did he expect?!). :)

After cleanup, bath, dinner and pj's, we hung out in the den for awhile - where Logan mastered walking clomping across two rooms in Mommy's big tennis shoes (he has loved wearing both of our shoes for some time now, but just tonight he actually managed to WALK in them!) and straddling poor Hunter, one of the Jodoin dogs we are dog sitting this weekend, which was hilarious (especially when Hunter finally got up to move to another room and Logan slid back on his butt with a thump).

All in all, a great Sunday and weekend play day. And boy, am I beat.

We'll see what tomorrow brings. :)

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