Friday, May 1, 2009

Puddles and Gutters and Snails, oh my!

With rainy weather comes puddles, noisy gutters and slimy snails. All of which Logan discovered for the first time today with much glee. He loved stomping and splish-splashing in the puddles, dropping rocks into the puddles, and popping bubbles that were forming on top of the puddles. He was soaking wet but could care less. PUDDLES Mom! PUUUUUDDDDDLESSSSS!

I think we may be buying him some rain boots this weekend.

Once he got bored of the puddles, it was onto the gutters. He sat for several minutes inspecting the gutters, putting his hand up the gutter, trying to grab the water and put it back in the gutter. He tried stuffing leaves up the gutter and was annoyed when not only would they not stay in the gutter, but they'd stick to his hands too. JEEZ.

Once he saw our neighbor's house had a gutter spouting water as well, it was all mayhem up in these here parts. OHMYGOD what to do what to do what to do!! He'd run back and forth between the two gutters "catching" the running water, peering and leaning and pointing and splashing. I finally had to steer him away when he discovered he could put his foot under the gutter and - forget the puddles Mom - THIS was how you got soaking wet!

On marching back toward the house, we stumbled across several snails making their way across the front pathway. We stopped to inspect them, but the minute Logan noticed the snails quickly shrinking inside their shells (after he tried touching them), it freaked him out. He backed up, alarmed and whimpering as he hovered next to me. I picked one up to show him they were totally harmless - and that's when he decided to touch the bottom of the snail and then put his finger to his mouth. I stopped him before he got that far, but those little snails better watch out. Logan may forget about his veggie Mom and take up escargot instead.

Bath time soon followed, since he was pretty grimy from all the rainy day outdoor exploring we did. Of course, Logan is now IN LOVE with bath time (anything water-related really) and couldn't get enough of it. He loves it when I let the water stream down into the tub like a huge waterfall.

He also loves it when we turn the jets on and get the water super bubbly and loud, massaging his butt. It was tough getting him out on my own (Jon is at a Giants game with my dad tonight and wasn't around to help), but I managed, wrapping him into a little burrito like the good ol' days.

We finished the evening with a HUGE dinner (I guess splashing in rain puddles works up an appetite) and a late bedtime. He passed out in my lap before he even had a chance to kiss me good night.


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