Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Tonight we met with my parents and Kai for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant (La Milpa) in honor of Cinco de Mayo, but mostly to celebrate Uncle Kai's fabulous news. He just got a new job as a Pharmaceutical Engineer at McGuff Pharmaceuticals - YAY KAI!!! :)

Sadly, the company is located down in Orange County, which means this Friday Kai will be moving (back) down to LA to start his new job and new life. We will definitely miss him, but are so super excited about this new opportunity for him that it more than makes up for it. Plus, his new pad is just a hop, skip and jump away from Disneyland, so I suspect we'll be visiting him very soon. ;-)

Last week a few readers complained I didn't have enough pics of Logan and Mama Me posted on the blog. If you know Jon, you know that if you ask him to take any pictures he'll take one, or maybe two quick snapshots at most, without framing the shot or really caring if your boob is hanging out or your double chin is showing. So, I tend to be the family photographer.

In any case, last Friday morning when I picked Logan up from my parents, I decided to grab my dad's camera and take a few shots of him perched perilously on the kitchen stool, eating pears for breakfast. And, remembering the requests of some Mommy/Logan pics, I asked Uncle Kai to take a few of me and Logan.

I leaned down next to Logan and asked him if he'd give me a kiss since, what's cuter than a toddler planting a big fat wet kiss on his mommy's lips? Right?

Oh, that's right. Full on mouth to mouth action because my son hasn't quite figured out that kisses are with CLOSED lips and not attacks to your face like he's biting (or licking?) you.

Yes. That's definitely cuter.

(Click on the pics to get to the rest of the series taken that day)


Elizabeth said...

Why are those strawberries so special and ultra-safe?

Mama Bree said...

heh. because they are DELICIOUS! ;-)

My parents get the monthly Harry and David fruit deliveries. Every fruit is specially packaged/protected so they aren't damaged or ruined before getting to the house. :)