Friday, May 1, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

What you can't hear from this pic is the purr-like snoring he's doing,
on our way to school this morning.

But his state is absolutely how I feel after the last couple of weeks
that have passed us by in a whirlwind of events. A couple of days ago
was Jon and my anniversary, but Logan wasn't too cooperative that
night so we never made it out to dinner as planned.

Last night, however, I dropped him off at my parents so I could take
the train up to the city to meet Jon for a dinner with his co-workers.
We had a really nice time and got home so late we decided to leave
Logan at my parent's overnight and just pick him up this morning
instead. Even with a full night's sleep, we were both still exhausted
this morning. I think we need a few more withdrawals from the sleep
bank before we're fully functional again.

This morning Logan was beautiful and jolly and all together his happy
self. I'm not sure what my parents do to him during his stays, but he
ALWAYS passes out like this afterward. It's so damn cute! :)

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