Saturday, May 9, 2009

A new pool

Yesterday was a big day. We got a new pool!

Ok, so I lied. We didn't get a new pool. We don't even have a pool let alone a new one. But, we did get new water shoes, courtesy of Mr. Robert and his wonderful hand-me-down collection (thanks Jenn/Jarrod!), which were perfect for the hot weather outside yesterday.

Yesterday was an in-service day at Logan's school, which meant that Jon and I had to take shifts watching Logan while juggling work calls and emails too. Jon slept kept a close eye on Logan during the morning while I took the afternoon shift. Amazingly, Logan slept for a good part of the late morning/early afternoon (4.5 hours - a new record I think!), and because it was Friday, it was pretty quiet at work too thank goodness!

We also said our goodbyes to Uncle Kai in the morning, who packed up and headed off to LA to move into this new pad. I know he's really going to miss Logan (us too, but he and Logan were pretty good buds) so it was sad to say goodbye. I figure this will just give us an even better excuse to go down to Disneyland sooner than we really should. ;-) Good Luck Kai!

And finally, it was also my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Zafu! Logan is blowing you a kiss from afar. :)

Jon and I ended the day up in the city. We had a sitter come by to take care of Logan for the night (she was an old teacher of his) while I took the train up to the city to meet Jon and his co-workers for some pizza and the Star Trek movie. Loved it! We didn't get home until 2am, but luck was on our side and Logan slept in until 8:30am this morning, giving us that extra hour or two of much needed sleep. Yippee!

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