Friday, May 15, 2009

Like Mother, Like Son

Some of you may have read my mom's comment to a recent post of mine - where she described how similar Logan's actions have been to my own.

Today, Logan did one better than that Mom. He decided to do exactly what I did when I was small.

Today, he decided to stick a couple of rocks up his nose.

Yes, just like his mom.

Only, I was at least twice his age when I did it. And, I stuck up half as many as he did. So there.

His school called me this afternoon to let me know that he had stuck a couple of rocks up his nose while on the playground. They were able to get the first one out without any difficulty, but the second one was stubborn. And, my son was stubborn. Fighting the teachers the whole way (he HATES when anyone touches or picks at his nose), giggling like crazy and trying to stick the rock back up farther as they tried hard to pull it out.


They finally did get it out after much fanfare and for another half hour or so, his nose bled on and off (that's when his teachers finally called me).

I'm sure they wondered why I wasn't more upset or alarmed than I was. But c'mon. He was okay and it was pretty fucking funny. All I could do was laugh.

Sooooooo like his mother.

For those that are worried: I did call his doc and they weren't concerned - they said the bleeding was probably due to irritation from the rock and to just swab the inside of his nose with Neosporin, which I did, and put a cold compress on his forehead if he continued to bleed. When I left him with my dad this evening - so that I could head up to the city for another night out with Jon - he was doing just fine and the bleeding had all but stopped. :)

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Choun Family said...

It's great to see you getting out. It seems like not that long ago I was getting a ration of crap (from my friends) for getting a sitter on friday nights to enjoy some adult time. I think I was told something like.. sitters are for rare/special occasions... something like that ; )