Monday, June 1, 2009

Turndown Service - At home

Just when you think you've had enough, the new housekeepers you recently hired stop by and turn your home into a gloriously fresh smelling haven!

I was a little nervous at first - they are more expensive than my last, which means I can only have them come every other week rather than weekly. And, for a house with two maniac workaholics, a messy toddler, two shedding dogs and three crazy cats, we need weekly, if not daily, cleanings!

But, I'm so glad I hired them (our previous housekeeper moved out of state). They are super thorough which is the most important part for me, but then they have these little touches like folding the first sheet of toilet paper, as if my house is actually some 4-star hotel.

I had to laugh. But hey, they know what they're doing. Next time I'm going to look for a mint on the pillow. ;-)

I have a much longer post (with pics!) from our past busy weekend, but that'll take me more time to, stay tuned.

1 comment:

Kim said...

My mom did this to our toilet paper when we were growing up. I swear she would sneak in behind you because the point was always there.