Friday, June 12, 2009

18 month checkup

Just finished Logan's 18 month checkup. All looks great as usual. We've got a strong active healthy little boy. But, we all knew that already. ;-) Here he is, playing up a storm after his Hep A shot, which he didn't even flinch from!

He's definitely continuing his growth spurt on the height curve. His stats are 26lbs, 3oz (55%), 34.25" tall (95%), and 49.25cm (77%) round head.

Short post today. We have a funeral service to attend in San Diego this weekend (for Jon's great grandmother - she lived a long and full life but we are, of course, sad to see her go).

So, I've got a number of errands to run before we hop on the plane later this afternoon. Toodles!

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