Wednesday, November 11, 2009

23 months and 40 years

Yesterday, Logan turned 23 months old at the same time that Sesame Street celebrated their 40th year birthday. Talk about a span in years from young to old (to young again?). Though Ni Hao, Kai Lan has reserved a top spot in Logan's TV preferences of late, Sesame Street is still up there in the running.

My cousin Bruce linked to a comment stream on Soul Strut, where readers posted their favorite Sesame Street memories, in honor of the big 4-0. Logan and I had fun the other night clicking through each post, rekindling many old memories of mine and new ones for him. This is one that we both agreed was the best memory of all ;-)

Logan continues to be a delight in (and to) our family – he has such a fun loving carefree attitude! Let me also emphasize the word attitude with that statement. He continues to have his off moments, where he’s particularly grumpy or upset at any little thing. There are the days where “NO” and “MINE” and “DON’T WANT IT” and “MY TURN” are the only words coming out of his mouth. However he also can get into such a giggly goofy silly state, where he is just enjoying life and having fun, which is so wonderful to see. It makes us laugh every time.

This past month Logan’s pronunciation and vocabulary has really improved, which helps me immensely as we sometimes still have trouble communicating. Most notably, he’s finally catching on to consonants (finally!) and has really found a fondness for the hard “K” sound: rock, sock, duck, rocket, park, milk. He emphasizes these new sounds as if they feel good in his throat… raw-ckkkkkkkk!! We even hear him trying it out on other non-K ending words instead... daw-ckkkkkk!

No, no, no Logan. That's Lola, your DOG. DOG. Daw-ggggg.

Daw-ckkkkkk! *evil grin*

He is a huge fan of art and will generally only sit still for above mentioned Kai Lan/Sesame Street shows, or art (of any kind). Which is a saving grace when Jon’s busy working and I’m cooking dinner. ;-)

In my “23-month old email newsletter” I just received this week, the opening notes were as follows:

Your toddler may now be able to throw a ball overhand, though he'll probably miss his target most of the time. The whole-arm coordination that allows him to throw usually emerges somewhere between 18 months and 3 years.

If your toddler is ball-shy, start with rolling games, which will be easier and also less scary (try rolling the ball slowly toward his feet). Spongy balls or beanbags are great for indoor use — set up a pillow or bucket for target practice.

Which frankly, made me crack up.

Though Logan’s been slower at picking up the vocabulary, he’s been consistently fast at developing physically since day one. He has been throwing balls overhand (and on target!) for many months now – definitely has the whole-arm coordination down pat. I can’t imagine any toddler being ball shy, let alone mine, so yeah – the “ball-shy” statement definitely made me snicker. If anything, we try, when we can, to encourage spongy soft balls or beanbags only because his throwing arm is so strong! ;-)

Elbow is the new “in” word in Logan’s world. He can sing “elbow, elbow, elbow” all day long in the car ride home from school, holding up his hands to his ears so his elbows stick out. As if I didn’t know what he was yelling at the top of his lungs and I needed a visual just to be sure.

His "elbow" does sound very similar to "apple, apple, apple" though, and I often times find myself asking him - Are you hungry? Do you want an apple? Perhaps THAT'S why he's giving me the visual aid!

Sometimes his elbows are so important that he freaks out about long-sleeved shirts which cover them up. I can't tell you how many times I’ve actually had to change him into a (short-sleeved) t-shirt, just so we could get out of the house on time. Apparently elbows need to be SEEN, lest they be forgotten; another valuable lesson in the life of parenting a toddler.

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