Sunday, November 29, 2009

Transitioning to a toddler bed

10 days away from home, seeing family from all sides, was wonderful. But, it was still 10 days away from home. Though it was sad to say goodbye to everyone today, it's great to finally be back home.

I have approx. 300 photos to sift through, not to mention several stories to tell, about our trip to New Mexico and Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday. I'll have to save those for another night when I am not as tired.

But in the meantime, one quick post to let everyone know we're now home safe and sound. And what's more, we decided to change Logan's crib to a toddler bed tonight, to start getting him used to sleeping in a "bigger" bed. We figured since he had already gotten so used to sleeping on a mattress on the floor at Nolan and Doy's house this past week, this might be the right time. It's also getting harder, with a growing belly, to bend over and put him down in his crib each night.

Jon put him down tonight without much fuss at all - crossing our fingers that it continues! :)

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heather said...

ooooh... exciting! good luck :)