Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Fun

With all the business travel Jon and I have been doing lately, it was really nice to have a relaxing weekend at home. Especially since, looking at the calendar, I don't see many weekends freeing up until around Christmas time, which is busy in and of itself! ;-)

Yesterday I attempted to get the H1N1 vaccine at the Santa Clara County Vaccine Clinic held at the County Fairgrounds. The clinic opened at 9:30am. I showed up at 9:45am, so I knew there'd be a line and I was prepared to wait. However, what I wasn't prepared for, was the line to stretch a half mile down the street with thousands waiting.... and who knows how long the line was once you got INSIDE the gates! I haven't been feeling top notch, since I've been battling a head cold for the last week, and being pregnant, etc. I really wasn't in the mood to spend multiple hours in line waiting. I found out later that a coworker of mine waited in line with his kids for 5 hours (at a different location, but still), and our friends waited for SEVEN hours (at the fairgrounds). Yikes!

I'll just wait and pray another shipment comes in soon. ;-)

While I was doing that, Jon took Logan to get a much needed haircut. He definitely has my head of hair, and it grows so damn thick that it starts growing OUT (in addition to down) like a big-ass fro. Poor guy, he's going to hate it when he gets older. I know.

The rest of the day we hung out, did a few art projects and shot some hoops before my dad showed up to the house for dinner. We headed downtown and had a really great time out - Logan amazed us with how much food he managed to pack away, never really stopping until we said enough was enough (I was afraid he might puke!). He's actually been eating really well lately which makes us think it's another growth spurt, since he's normally very picky and eats like a bird.

Today we got together with the Jodoins for a lovely breakfast before Jon took off for another few hours of torture, adding more ink to his back piece. Logan and I met up with Jenn and Robert at a nearby park and had a lot of fun catching up and playing in the sand. We spent the rest of the day fighting off naptime (he finally gave in) and then goofing around the house. It's wonderful for us all to be back home.

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Jarrod said...

Great photos of the boys! Thanks again for going to the park with us!