Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And the holidays have begun...

Wow - it's been almost a week since my last post! Not like me, but I was sick as a dog last week so I'm blaming that. :) I'll start with today and move backwards over the past few days with updates....

Driving to swimming class tonight, Logan put his index finger to his lips and whispered "Shhhhh. Quiet" as soft as could be. It was funny because I've never heard or seen him do that before (clearly someone at school is telling him to be quiet quite often!) but more than that, I was pretty exhausted from a long day and hadn't been talking much during our drive. Logan on the other hand, was FULL of happy spirits and making enough noise for the both of us! Apparently he realized how loud he actually was and decided to turn it down a notch or two. :)

We dropped Jon off at the airport early this morning for a quick business trip before we head off as a family to start our Thanksgiving vacation. He gets home late Thursday night and we hop on a plane bright and early Friday morning. Nothing like cutting it close! ;-) Logan was upset at Jon leaving (again), but quickly perked up once I drove by at a snail's pace to watch all the planes taking off and landing. We also did a quick stop at a Starbuck's drive through for his favorite "nack" he likes to call "sant" (croissant).

Yesterday I had a regular checkup to see how the baby is doing - and happy to report all is great! I had been starting to get a little nervous lately since I haven't gained much weight (when I was pregnant with Logan I was packing on a couple pounds a week, NO JOKE, throughout the entire pregnancy), my nausea has gone away, and I haven't had much of an appetite. Since it's still a bit early, I have only felt flutters here and there but no regular constant irritating keeping me up all night kicking. I've been in this weird funky in between stage where I just don't feel pregnant!

So, at my appointment yesterday, my doc told me to try and not stress or worry too much (HAAAA!!) and that I was doing great. We listened for the baby's heartbeat which was beating fast and strong as ever. THANK GOD. It's one of the best things I could have heard yesterday to keep me going for another few weeks.

We spent this past weekend visiting with Jon's parents who drove up from LA for a couple of days. They got in on Friday; once Logan and I got home, we all took off for a yummy super filling Italian dinner at Fratellos. On Saturday, we visited the Children's Discovery Museum, where Logan had plenty of fun as usual, and Abuelita/Abuelito Riedy got to see him in prime time action. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take my camera with me that morning. :( We came back and had lunch together, and then everyone rested while Logan took a nice long nap. We had another delicious meal for dinner that night at Hobee's - and once we put Logan down for the evening, the four of us played a competitive game of Settlers of Catan. I'm happy to report I TOTALLY WON. Mwahahahahahahahaaa!! :)

On Sunday we had an early morning breakfast at our favorite spot Stacks and then spent some time walking off the pancakes and waffles around the farmer's market in downtown Campbell. Alicia and Paul had to leave about noon to get back on the road, and left while we put Logan down for his afternoon nap. We had a fun visit with them and I know Logan enjoyed all of the extra love and attention! It was a great start to the holiday season - where Logan is going to get to see relative after relative after relative. Wheeeeee!!

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