Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You can just feel the love in the air...

I picked Logan up early today and the kids had JUST gone out to the play yard for some outside fun which normally spells trouble for me trying to tear him away and head home.

However, I was able to entice Logan away from the play yard by telling him that he would get to see Molly when we got home. Of course, "Ma-ee go? Ma-ee? Ma-ee?" was then all he asked for the entire ride home and half hour before they arrived. :)

Since Jon is away this week, Kim was kind enough to offer a playdate for the kids tonight to help keep me sane. We had a DEEE-licious dinner that Kim brought over (Chinese take-out) and got to catch up on all the latest while the two kids ran around the house having fun.

Once it was time for Molly and Kim to leave, the kids gave a number of very lovable and energetic hugs (to the point that they almost lost their balance and toppled over a couple of times). It was absolutely adorable. :) Thanks for the visit Kim and Molly!!

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