Monday, November 15, 2010

Any day now...

Late last week Callum's teachers (and we) started noticing Mr. Callum "rocking" on all fours.  He continued practicing a bit through the weekend, whenever I'd set him on the floor.

When I picked him up from school today, there he was, in the middle of the classroom floor, on his hands and knees, rocking back and forth, doing everything he could to will himself closer to the toy (strategically placed) in front of him.  When he got tired, his legs would give out and he'd fall onto his tummy, but then 2 seconds later I'd see him POP his knees up under him to support his weight again.  BAM.

He did this several times in the span of a few minutes, which makes me (and one of his teachers, Danielle) think that he could be crawling any day now.  We'll see!

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