Sunday, November 14, 2010

Surgery Update

I've been doing really well, each day I'm feeling better and better.  I think I started working a bit too soon after the surgery (I did a phone interview two days after.  It was from home, but still, even that took a lot out of me!), so I had to take it a lot easier with work than I was prepared to do.  Luckily, work (and specifically, my boss) is very understanding!  I finally went into the office this last week for a few hours the first couple of days - felt pretty spent so stayed home again all day Wednesday and then went back in Thursday and Friday for nearly full days in the office.

Sadly, I've been feeling pretty worn, bruised and sore over the weekend - which I wasn't feeling so much the first couple of weeks (mostly then it was fatigued, nauseous and dizzy/woozy - I think the after effects of the general, to be honest).  So, I'm a tad worried what this next week will bring.  I'll just have to take it as easy as I can I think.

On the flip side, Jon has been doing TERRIFIC as Mr. Mom these past couple of weeks - but he's finally starting to reach his threshold toward the end of this last week, as he got hit with a head cold and hasn't been feeling great.  So, mix that with full-on kid duty 24x7 and you have one crabby Daddy.  :(  I've been helping as much as I can - like feeding Callum in his high chair once Jon puts him in his seat, and handling most of the Logan duties, but it all still has its toll (don't we all know that!).  He has to work late tomorrow night, so even though it won't technically be my "two weeks of rest", we'll have to make do.  I think it's close enough that I'll be fine on my own with the kiddos.  I know Jon, for one, is counting the hours - no minutes - until I can help out with Callum once more.  ;-)

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