Sunday, June 16, 2013

Big kids

Often times we forget how much our kids have grown up, since we
immediately take each milestone for granted, and move on with our
lives. ;-)

Having Eric at the house these last couple of weeks has been fun for
all of us, but what I probably like most are his observations of our
kids, that I have forgotten about or don't notice as much.

Like, the fact that they brush their teeth, on their own. :) Eric
watched our kids for a bit tonight and texted this pic to us while we
were out. If your kids are younger than ours, then I can see how this
would be pretty awesome and something to look forward to!

What was MORE impressive (and shocking) to me, was Eric's report of
how the night went with the boys. Specifically, that he and Logan sat
and played a single game of chess, for FORTY-FIVE minutes.

They sure do grow up fast.

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