Sunday, June 9, 2013

Flag Football!

Well darn, I lost everything I had written when I posted this, so let me try again  :)

Today was the last day for flag football.  At the end of the season, the kids get to play a number of shorter games rather than a single game, so they get a lot more play time in, for their final round.

The kids definitely had a good time - but I think overall, Logan seems less enthusiastic about football than of soccer, so we'll see whether he wants to sign up again or not, when the fall season begins!

Below are a few pics I took from the day....

First, is Logan hiking the ball before a great play!

Team picture - Logan is on the far left, kneeling.  :)

And here is Logan with his buddies Robert and Jack.  It definitely made our crazy Sundays much more endurable, knowing we'd be hanging out with these two wonderful families!  :)

Next up?  Swimming!!  

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