Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pre-K Graduation

Whew!  Logan has now "officially" graduated from Pre-K and is ready for Kindergarten.  Where did the time fly?!?

The school put on a really nice event for the parents and kids last night - it was outside, and pretty dang hot, even under the shade of the trees, but we made it.  :)

Logan was VERY proud of himself, and has been talking up his graduation for some time, so it filled us with pride as well, watching him walk up to accept his "diploma" and smile his huge smile.  I don't know if he quite understood that it was the last day for many kids (who will move onto summer camps at their upcoming schools) so I tried my best to point it out, where relevant, so he could get some extra hugs and good-byes in with his friends.  With the parents, I made a point to get contact info for a few so that we could try and connect over the summer, and do a few play dates.  :)

I brought my good camera with me, but didn't take as many pics as I had hoped.  Still, I got a few fun ones to remember the day by....

All ready to go!
Excitement is building....

Parents gathered all around - waiting for the graduates to come out!

Lovely live music while waiting! :)

Visiting pre-tot kids, getting some water (it was hot!)

And here they come!  :)

Logan, very serious ;-)

Looking for us in the crowds... 

He spotted me ;-)

There's our happy guy!  

Serious and quiet and (shockingly) well behaved!

It was hard getting his attention to look my way but he finally did ;-)

His row rises...

Our proud graduate!

All done!

All lined up, raising their hands, and taking a bow...

What a surprise - Logan decorated his cap with a King Piggy  ;-)

Me and my boy!


Callum was off playing but I DID get one with Logan and us!
First Jon gives a silly face... 

And then there's Logan's silly face.

Logan's awesome teachers!
L - R: Miss Joanna, Miss Susanna, Miss Grazyl and Mr. David

We're so proud of you buddy - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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