Friday, June 7, 2013

End of year gifts!

I thought it'd be neat to use the jars from our recent juice cleanse, for gifts or some fun craft project, since they are so pretty.

Enter, End-of-Year Teacher Gift idea!!

Logan is graduating from Pre-K today; we will be attending the big graduation ceremony (that has been built up upon belief) later this afternoon.  Several of the parents chipped in for a gift card to give to each teacher but I decided to branch out and do something special from Logan.

So, I pulled up several ideas of what we could do with these jars and asked Logan to choose.  This wasn't on the list but we kept linking to other sites and stumbled upon one for monkey bread.  Logan immediately recognized it from the pic and decided that's what he wanted to make.  :)

And, he was very adamant that HE make them!!

So, here's a few pics from last night and this morning (after I wrapped them, that part he left to Mommy, once all the fun was done).  ;-)

Shake shake shake!!

Ready to pop in the oven....

All done!  Logan was curious about why the bread rose so much :)

All wrapped and pretty  :)

I think they came out pretty cute!  I don't know if they'll taste good, but hopefully they won't be too bad!  :)

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