Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pleased as punch

Picked up a bike from the Mom's group, for Callum, this weekend.
Evidence of another happy customer. ;-)

I realized I haven't blogged as much lately. It's been a little busy
at home - Eric just moved up to the Bay Area last weekend and has been
staying with us while looking for a place to move into (and then move
Jill and the kids up next!). We are so excited to have our best
friends back in the area - it only took ~10 yrs of nagging before we
finally convinced them!! ;-)

Today we spent the morning lounging around, then went out to
breakfast, then had the boys ride around on their bikes a few times to
get a bit of energy out, all before Jon and Eric caught their flight
to NOLA (they'll be gone all week).

And also all before noon! I think the afternoon will be a little more
relaxed. ;-)

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