Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our remodel begins!

Before the new house was even technically ours, we were working very closely with my Dad on a new design and remodel of the existing structure.  The house has great bones but there's so much more we wanted to do with it - and since Callum is not allowed around construction, we knew now was the time to get whatever we could, done - before we move in.

As it turns out, we've made tremendous progress these last couple of months, but we've also had some very stressful setbacks - as we've pushed and pulled with the County to allow us to do what we want to do with the house.  :)

Amazingly, we finally reached an amicable agreement (good thing the Connallys are not known for backing down I say!) just last week.  HOWEVER, all of that back and forth and arguing and discussing and redesigning really set us back, timewise.  Talk about stress!!  And, in the thick of it all, is my Dad, who's been carrying the brunt of it, mocking up new design after new design to meet his demanding clients' desires while at the same time, making sure to meet the County's crazy restrictions.  Yeesh.

Meanwhile, our contracting crew has started prepping the house to begin work which is so exciting to see.  They've got to put protective coverings over all of the floors and seal off the rooms we aren't touching (which, I'll be frank, aren't many).  They made quite a bit of progress today - the whole house looks a lot like this snapshot I took.  :)

I'm busy tracking the overall project, since our schedule is ridiculously tight.  :(   We need to be able to move in by August, just before school begins.  If you've ever done any sort of small remodel job at all (let alone large one!), you know how crazy that is, given tomorrow is April 1st!

And, when I'm not beating up my Dad or the contractor on schedule, or running Logan to soccer practices, or Callum to doctor appointments, I'm out scouting stone, tile, marble, you name it - grabbing samples where I can or snapping pics for inspiration.

It's fun and exciting work, but it's also quite a bit of work.  And, we've only just begun!!  Phew!!  :)

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