Monday, March 9, 2015

We've been discharged!


This has been our longest stay yet, clocking in at 14 days, but we've finally been discharged!

It wasn't without more stress though. Callum woke this morning to a wet bed - I thought he had an accident at first (since he had slept in), but nope. Pants etc were dry.

Turns out his line was leaking! What made this a pain (and horribly bad luck) was that we couldn't flush and "heparinize" his port before deaccessing him.

So, we had to remove his dressing and needle and repoke him so that we could get the flush and heparin in before going home.

It was awful. While the nurse was removing his dressing he was screaming "Don't take it off! I don't want to go home!!" :(

(The first pic is from my viewpoint, you can see how red and agitated his skin gets from the dressing!)

Then after that, he was crying "why do I have to get another poke?!"

Like I said, awful. Heart breaking. I held him most of the morning.

And then, as if that wasn't bad enough, when the nurse tried to reaccess him, the needle bent!! Which meant, you guessed it, another poke to try again.

It was hell. Poor guy was sweaty and heaving for many minutes afterward, not wanting me to let him go. :(

Thankfully these little guys tend to recover pretty quickly. So he's much better now (albeit tired) and we are finally heading home. Time to get out and enjoy the sunshine! :)

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