Sunday, March 8, 2015


The last few days we've had many visitors, which has been nice for both of us as our stay grows longer and longer.

Thursday, Kim stopped by in the afternoon to hang out and play games. It actually ended up being perfect timing since I was doing a lot of back and forth with the inpatient team that day, so being able to focus on the conversations with the various doctors and staff coming in, while Kim kept Callum quiet and distracted was exactly what I needed (thank you Kim!).

Friday afternoon, my mom stopped by and relieved me for a few hours so that I could go home (my first time out of the hospital/home!) and hang out with Logan. We had a nice evening together, watching a movie and munching on delicious pizza, before I headed back up to the hospital (thank you Mom!).

Saturday morning I had a massage scheduled, to work out some issues with my back. Originally, Jon was going to come up and stay with Callum while I went to my appointment, but his work got in the way so Paul and Logan came up instead. It ended up being better actually - since the boys hadn't seen each other since the first day Callum was admitted, and they had both really missed each other quite a bit. They got along amazingly throughout the day, playing board games, iPad games and watching movies together.

Because they had such a nice time, Callum really wanted to see his brother again today. So I checked in with Paul to see if they were up for another visit after Logan's swimming class. They were, and hung out again most of the afternoon (thank you Paul!).

The window to our room looks out onto the front circular drive so Callum and I watched out the window while Paul and Logan left this evening. As Logan waved goodbye to us from outside, Callum said "Logan! I miss you!"

Heart breaking.

Jon ALSO visited us tonight on his way home from work - yay!! He tried to take a few pics with Callum but all Callum wanted to do is goof off, as you can see from the last pic. :)

We remain optimistic that we'll get to go home soon - maybe even tomorrow, we hope! We certainly all miss each other dearly.

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