Sunday, July 15, 2018

Bath, England

Our last (full) day exploring the English countryside! We had a delicious morning snack at our favorite Woodstock Coffee Shop - then hopped in the car and drove a bit, out to Bath! Lunched in this beautiful town, along with touring the Roman Baths. Then, explored a few new (to us) Oxford neighborhoods, before joining family again for another lovely dinner. 

Callum loves these audio tours.  He has to listen to every. single. stop. πŸ˜³

Standing over one of the hot spring rivers (underneath the building)! 

Actors at the Roman Baths - asking Callum:

What is that on your face? Is that armor? Does it protect anything? Could we use it in battle? Can you see anything? Are you blind? πŸ€£

These actors spent a fair amount of time chatting Callum up. They asked him:

How did you get here? Did you travel far?
I flew here.
Oh you're so funny. He flew! What, like a bird?
No, in a plane.
Interesting! So on a plane of wood?
No, in a vehicle. Like a car.
Do you mean a cart? You're dropping your t's. It's carttttt.

Callum (and I) had a taste of the hot springs' water. 

Callum did NOT like the hot springs water! πŸ˜†

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