Friday, July 20, 2018

Luxembourg Palace, Angelina and Musée d’Orsay!

It’s been a week and a half since we started this adventure, and I think everyone is starting to miss home a bit. Though we slept in and had a leisurely start to the day, the boys (mostly) are tiring much faster, and therefore bickering with each other a bit more. 😬

Soooo, we walked to nearby Luxembourg Palace to explore the huge gardens and breathe in a bit of fresh air. Jon and the boys rented a little toy sailboat (with push stick), representing Mexico, since USA was already taken 😉 and had a lot of fun running around the fountain area, trying to track their boat amongst the other kids’ boats, and pushing it back out once it got close to the edge.

On our way out of the Gardens, we stopped by Angelina, a very delicious tea and pastry shop, for lunch. Yummmm! We experienced a little bit of sprinkling on and off throughout the day, but nothing too bad (nor did it ever ruin the day).

Our afternoon outing was to nearby Musée d’Orsay, where I got my fill of gorgeous impressionist (and other) art work. ❤️ The boys’ interest waned much quicker however, complaining they preferred a guide giving them a treasure hunt (which is what we did at the Louvre), much more. Ha!!! 😆

Since we were “close” (after the walk, the boys disagreed about Jon’s and my definition of “close”), we stopped by the boulangerie from yesterday’s tour, picking up a couple of the “best baguettes in Paris”. Indeed, they were fabulous!!

Callum was pretty grumpy that we skipped crepes in favor of the boulangerie for our afternoon snack, so we tried out a new (to us) creperie for dinner, which he highly approved. Phew! Crisis averted! 🙃

This little turd decided to photobomb my shot! 🤣

Logan was in an off mood, since he just got yelled at by his Dad. So, I told them both to just PRETEND that they loved each other....

Little C, showing that he definitely loves me.  :)

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