Saturday, August 7, 2010

A good kind of mistake

While Logan's been waking up each morning with a dry diaper, and even waking up in the middle of the night asking to use his potty, I still haven't been brave enough to try a night without diapers yet. I'm not really sure why - I guess I'm not ready to clean up after bed wettings just yet. I've also been more concerned with getting him to poop in the potty first - which I'm happy to say, he's doing regularly now - yay!

This morning we discovered Logan still in his underwear from the night before. I guess in a (rare - ha!) blurry eyed Baby Mama moment, I had forgotten to change him into a night time diaper before bedtime. WHOOPS. Luckily, he did great and didn't have an accident! I'm not sure if we'll try it again tonight - but it's nice to know we're on our way. I guess all we needed was a little trial like last night to convince me to take the plunge.

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