Tuesday, August 10, 2010

32 months old

One thing that irritates both Jon and I to no end is whining. From anyone - child or adult. Neither of us have the patience for it I'm afraid. To say this past month has really tried our patience is an understatement, as Logan has picked up whining with a vengeance. :(

We'll say, "Logan, please stop whining."

And he'll whine back, "But I'm not whining!"


Logan continues to mature day by day (baby whining aside). Some of the biggest changes for him this last month happened in the bathroom. He now, often times, runs into the bathroom all on his own, pulls down his pants/shorts and underwear, and sits down to pee (he's not yet able to pee standing up, thank goodness!). He still needs a little help pulling his underwear and pants/shorts back up, but he's getting there (sometimes he'll walk out of the bathroom calling for my help, with his shorts halfway up his butt. hehe)

While he continues to have constipation battles (ever since he was an infant really), he's now pooping in the potty too! This was a biggie for us, since we really struggled with getting him to understand that he needed to poop in the potty rather than his diaper/underwear. He really resisted us for a long time on this one, but has finally seemed to get over that hump. THANK GOD as my laundry load lightens just a little.

He has also started waking up in the middle of the night, asking to go potty, and just recently, we started putting him to bed at night diaper-free. We're only a couple of nights in, so it's hard to say if we're officially finished with diapers, but so far so good! Let's hope the trend continues since it is soooo much nicer having just one kid in diapers to deal with rather than the two! ;-)

I consciously decided against packing any milk bottles for Logan, for our trip to Texas. I just didn't want to deal with it, and I figured it might get him out of the habit of asking for a bottle every morning. The plan seemed to work - he went without a milk bottle (and didn't seem bothered in the least bit!) the entire time. However, the MINUTE we got back home, he woke up demanding his daily morning milk. I was a little bummed - it's just one more thing I'd like to move past, frankly. Still, he's doing better. Now he only asks for his milk every once in awhile rather than every. single. morning while practically still laying in bed. We have a couple more trips coming up both this weekend (LA) and next week (Hawaii - woo!) - and I plan to stick the course and not pack any milk bottles then too. We'll see how he does. :)

You can clearly see my boy getting older, and it makes me both happy and sad. He loves to sing his ABCs and point out letters and count 1-2-3-4-7-go! And, with numbers comes the all important proud moment of telling everyone how old he is. He's usually accurate - holding up two fingers while telling you he's two. But, every now and then he'll either hold up three fingers or say "free" when you ask him how old he is. I don't blame him though, I used to tell people I was older than I really was for a loooong long time. Funny how I don't do that so much anymore.

But probably the change that has strangely, impacted me the most, is his words. His new found words. His ultra hip, very 8 year old and not at all 2 year old words.

Logan, would you like some juice?

Sure, Mom.

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