Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 months old

Callum turns 4 months old this week (Thursday). A well traveled man, he's taken two plane trips and one road trip - all within the last month - wow!

We're leaving for Hawaii bright and early tomorrow morning, so I wanted to post a few things about his last month before I'm laying on the beach and not thinking about blogging, errands, work or laundry. I might think about making sorbet, but I'm sure a shaved ice or two will remedy that sickness. ;-)

This is the last month I have with Callum before returning to work and I've been thinking a lot about that. When my maternity leave ended with Logan, I wasn't crazy about leaving him of course, but I was ready to return to the world of adult conversation and doing something other than feeding and changing diapers. This time around, I don't feel as ready. I don't know if it's because Callum is an easier baby to care for than Logan, and therefore has allowed me the time to do my own things too, or whether I am more comfortable with parenting than I was before? Hard to say. But I do know I'm not as ready. :(

Over the last couple of weeks, I feel like Callum has really "woken" up. He loves watching his big brother and smiles bright and big anytime Logan comes by to say hello. He's also starting to laugh! It's more like a grunting laugh than a baby giggle, but he's learning. ;-) He has started to sleep a bit longer, on average about 6 hours at a time. Still not long enough if you ask me, especially once I return to work! But I know the longer hours will come with time.

He isn't crazy about the Ergo Carrier, although he's doing better and I'm hopeful he'll learn to like it while in Hawaii. And he absolutely hates the car seat (as you've heard from our recent road trip). He's now tearing up with those big fat tears anytime he wails and it just breaks my heart. :( But no matter how many times I tell him it's the law, he doesn't seem to care.

I can't remember exactly when Logan started to ween off breastfeeding but I think it was about this time. Callum is definitely doing the same. I know I'm not producing enough for his growing appetite but it's still very frustrating and upsetting for me. I still continue to try and keep him going but I know this precious time with him that I have is running short. On the other hand, it's probably a blessing in disguise, since pumping at work was such a challenge for me before, especially when only producing a few ounces. *sigh*

Callum has been showing more and more interest in Logan. He watches his loud big brother and smiles real big anytime Logan gets close and talks to him. Logan, too, has taken more interest in his little brother day by day. He often times forgets that Callum is still such a little guy. But, overall, they are both doing so wonderfully together, it's great to see our two little monkeys getting along like brothers should.

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