Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another night

I realized I haven't blogged much this week! I guess there's nothing too exciting to blog about. :)

Yesterday was a pretty lazy day as we waited for his chemo to finish - Callum and I are becoming pros at his latest favorite iPad game, DragonCity. He had a really late nap which meant we were up waaaay too late dealing with dinner and meds before going to bed. We were pretty zonked this morning. :/

Still, I got him to get out of the room and walk (or run, as evident by the first pic) around before Catherine's visit. We also hit up the playrooms for a bit too which was a nice change of scenery.

Our Hour 24 levels were actually really good, so I think everyone thought we'd be going home tonight. But, the Hour 48 levels came back around 7pm tonight and sadly, we've got to stay another night. His methotrexate level is at 0.47 (needs to be less than 0.2 for us to go home) and his creatinine is at 0.5 (we want it to be at 0.4, so that means we're bumping up his hydration rate for the night). We'll draw again in the morning to confirm he's cleared! :)

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