Friday, August 8, 2014

Back at it

We've had a break from swimming but now that Callum's counts have recovered we were able to return to his classes today.

Callum's growing like a weed, so I moved him up to the next size of swim shirt and shorts, which really put him out of sorts. He was grumpy and angry the entire ride to class (how COULD I take away his favorite shark shirt which, btw, is so worn you can't see the shark on it anymore!).

On top of that, while driving to class, I mentioned his old teacher Mr. Albe, was sadly, no longer there and that we had a new teacher, Mr. Fernando, to meet today. That news just put him over the edge and he started bawling. :(

So we definitely had a rough start and I quickly explained why to the new teacher. He was really great and understanding though, working with Callum to finally get him in the water via toys in the play area, before they moved to the swim lesson side and actually worked on a few things like his back float and kicks.

Now, I can't get him out of the water to head to lunch! ;-) but I'm glad he finally warmed up and is enjoying his time in the pool. Phew!

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