Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We survived

The first day back to school was crazy! We woke up early and rushed Logan to school. Callum and I hung out at the house doing chores, writing grocery shopping lists, working out, filling out school paperwork and making/having lunch.

Then, before I knew it, it was time to pick Logan up at school! Picking him up mid-day definitely threw a wrench into our usual day and is something I'm going to have to adjust and get used to now! :)

The good news is, it got us out and Callum and Logan played with some other friends on the school playground for nearly an hour after school. (Callum was THRILLED to see and play with his big brother! They wrestled and chased each other like crazy). All of that activity pooped Callum out, and he passed out on the short 5 min drive home. ;-)

Logan and I worked on a few exercises (he doesn't have homework yet but I figured we might as well start getting back into the swing of things now!) and then he relaxed playing games and with his toys most of the afternoon while Callum napped.

Overall, a great first day - we survived! But boy was I beat by the end of the night (and this morning!). :)

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