Friday, August 22, 2014

Back to school

Callum made a fast friend this afternoon, while waiting for the bell to ring, to pick up Logan. As we walked into Logan's classroom, Callum commented he didn't want to go to this school, he wanted to go back to *his* school. :) He really misses his friends quite a bit.

Well! The good news is, we had our lab work and exam with Carly today and spent some extra time talking about our next phase of treatment which starts in September - maintenance!! As a part of that new phase, we have been given the all clear to allow Callum back at school again, if we want.

I still need to sort out the schedule but I think I'll send him back for a few days a week, in the mornings. Since I don't work anymore, it doesn't make sense keeping him at school all day. Plus, school is still a cesspool of crummy diseases that he's at risk of being exposed to, so I'd like to limit that. But I do think going back for just a little bit each week would be really good for him - he'll get the socialization he craves and the structure will help him get ready for Kinder next year. And, while he's back at preschool, I can use that time to volunteer at Logan's school!

That's my current plan anyway. We will see how it goes! :)

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