Friday, August 29, 2014

We made it!

I've got sparse coverage so we'll see if this goes thru....

Our 3.5 hour drive really ended up being a 6 hour drive. We left later than I had hoped (partly because Callum was napping and we didn't want to wake him), traffic was a nightmare getting out of the South Bay (3 day weekend), and then we decided to stop and grab a bite for dinner since we weren't sure if we'd make it to camp in time for dinner. I'm glad we did, given how long it took!

We've finally settled into our cabin - Jon took Callum to the bathroom before we tuck him in (he has told us over and over he loves his cabin and his bed). ;-) Logan passed out about 10 minutes before we arrived so we just laid him down in one of the bottom bunks where he stayed, conked out.

We are all beat, but excited to check everything out tomorrow! :)

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