Saturday, April 9, 2016

Another blood draw

We went in yesterday for another blood draw to check on Callum's counts. He's getting so old and mature about all of this these days! This was the first time he's told me I could sit in the chair nearby and not hold him in my lap, while they access him. In the first picture he's puffing out his chest and squeezing his eyes (while holding his breath), when she poked him. He exclaimed "That didn't even hurt at all!" And proceeded to go back to his game playing while she drew blood. LOL

His ANC was 551 yesterday - so he's technically no longer neutropenic (barely tho, the cut off for us is 500) and will return to school on Monday. His counts aren't high enough to resume his home chemo however (he needs to hit 750 or higher to resume), so we'll be back again on Monday to do another blood draw.....

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