Friday, April 1, 2016

Surprise visit!

Last night, Jon stopped by for a quick visit, while on his way home, to surprise little Callum. Callum was sooooo excited and thrilled to see Jon (and share his latest game that he's been trying to conquer while we've been here).

After Jon left, Callum said to me "I really miss Daddy." This particular visit has been harder on him than any of the previous ones - in the past it hasn't seemed to phase him that we've been gone from home so long and that he hasn't seen Logan or Jon. But this visit it's definitely hit him a lot harder - and he's had several (crying) moments where he's begged me to go home - that he wants to see his Daddy and brother and doesn't want to be here. I guess it's because he's older and more aware now of what he's missing back home. It sure does make these stays harder on the both of us. :(

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