Sunday, April 3, 2016

So happy to be home!

The Drs came in this morning asking if we wanted to go home and Callum said "Nah" :) They laughed and turned to me and asked "How about you Mom?"

I hadn't mentioned to Callum that his Grandpa Ito was here (we flew Paul in on Monday to help with Logan) since we couldn't have any visitors and I knew it would just upset him. But, it was the perfect thing to mention to him as I was packing up our room and getting ready for our discharge. Suddenly, the kid who was quite content to hang out with Mama in a hospital room forever, was extremely excited to leave and go home, so that he could see his Grandpa. :)

They've been playing games all afternoon....Which has been so nice since I was able to head to my bedroom and sneak in a much needed nap!

So glad we are back home. Phew!

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