Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A special surprise from Logan

Yesterday, Logan got home from school totally thrilled to show me a present he had made for Callum at school.... A reindeer hot chocolate DIY "kit", complete with a cute little note from Logan (check out his instructions!!). 😍😍

We told him to put it up high somewhere on the kitchen counter or else pack/wrap it in a box if he wanted to put it under the tree, because otherwise the dogs would get into it.

The third pic is Evidence Exhibit #4863 of "Listen to your parents!" - an ongoing case of Logan and Callum v. Jon and Bree. Time will only tell, what the verdict will be.....

(I emailed his teacher this morning when I discovered the packet totally destroyed, asking her for the instructions on how to make another one. She did me one better and is sending me home a spare she had!! Phew!! Crisis - hopefully - averted!!)

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